So what do we build with them?

We design and develop all of the furniture in our 12.000 m2 factory in the UAE. From beginning to finished product, we are in control of each process. Here are some of the most popular uses for our containers, but there are a lot more than listed below.

Smart Living
In our factory we convert the refurbished containers into beautiful apartments and living accommodations.
Flex Offices
We can create an amazing hotel/office building much faster than anyone else – with all the features you could ask for.
Retail stores
Our containers are also perfect for retail stores in all sizes, even big enough for a mall.
Exhibition booths
We have even created the ultimate exhi-bition stand for your displaying needs. Very quick in setup and take-down.

We have a million reasons why you should use our containers, here's a few of them:

  • Durability

    Made to withstand the travels at sea.

  • Amazing strength

    Made with Corten steel. Practically unbreakable.

  • Low Maintenance

    Long lasting construction with little, to no maintenance.

  • Flexibility

    As versatile as a Swiss army knife.

  • Low Foundation

    No more using antique foundation models.

  • High safety

    Safe from earthquake, fire, mold and termites - did we mention FIRE PROOF?.

  • Recyclable

    We get them refurbished and we also recycle them after use.

  • Energy Effective

    Higher grade isolation than concrete - perfect for cold winters.

  • Fast construction

    Simple pre-fabricated construction that is easy and fast to make.

  • Unibody

    A construction made in one piece – solid as a rock.

Homes made with used ISO steel frame pods exceeds the requirements

In time of crisis, it be natural or other, LIAB FLEXHOMES are competent. A container is de facto safe in regards of all major elements:
# Strength loads: top, bottom, sides and ends.
# Seismic activity: top, bottom, sides and ends
# Wind: top and side forces
# Fire: sides, top and bottom.

When comparing the Uniform Building Code requirements with the FLEX Module Performance, the FLEX Module Performance exceeds every requirement as a base structural unit.

Container exploded view

Background Image

Let's compare the numbers


Stronger than wood buildings


More durable than Concrete


Cheaper maintenance than Concrete


More durable than wood

What is Smart Furniture?

Space saving furniture
When you have a relative small space for placing your furniture, it’s important that each furniture piece uses the minimum amount of space. Don’t think m2, think m3.

Multifunction furniture
If you also have furniture that has multiple function, like a bed that can fold up and turn into a writing/computer desk.

Highest quality
Because we manufacture our own furniture, we can make sure that the quality of the materials are the best. This is the best way to ensure stability and durability.

A few images from our production