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The ISO steel frame is our starting point

Environmentally friendly refurbished ISO steel frame pods
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We breathe new life into used ISO steel frame pods

The LIAB Flexhomes head office is in London based, we are a off-site modular manufacturing & construction business specializing in the supply of high quality, rapid build, modular ISO pods for private and social housing. Designs are available for either terraced or semi-detached housing or multi-floor flatted developments, as well as single person studio apartments.

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We work in conjunction with local architects, engineers, surveyors and other professional partners to ensure that all regulatory compliance is
managed locally.

To date, LIAB Flexhomes has delivered more than 1,800 units of housing in Europe and have been appointed framework agreements for more than €45 millions. In 2016 to supply on a turnkey basis, rapid build modular housing for a London Borough as around Europe. This project requires all modular house/flats to meet local building regulations for permanent domestic use, regardless of whether the individual projects are granted permanent of semi-permanent planning status. Depending upon the specific requirements of each project the modules can have their design modified slightly to allow the module to be deconstructed, relocated and installed to a different site.

All manufacturing takes place at our 3 German factories, allowing quick and confirmed access to a guaranteed European supply chain. Dependent upon local requirements following any appointment to deliver projects, LIAB Flexhomes would look favorably upon the establishment of a manufacturing facility to supply modules in the local market. LIAB Flexhomes has substantial private funding (Private Equity) available to support any growth plans and the establishment of local manufacturing facilities to supply the European market.

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Comparing modular units with traditional building


Stronger than wood buildings


More durable than Concrete


Cheaper maintenance than Concrete


More durable than wood

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We work with local contractors

Partnering with local building contractors, LIAB FLEXHOMES is able to offer turnkey solutions for all projects enabling a 'one stop shop' approach for our clients. Alternatively, LIAB FLEXHOMES can operate on a design and supply only basis, if third party contractors/developers wish to utilize our modular steel frame systems within their projects.

Up to 700 units per month

Our current manufacturing capacity is approximately 400/500 rapid build modules per month and this can be scaled to approx. 600/700 modules per month.

Multiple lease & payment options

As part of our general business plan, LIAB FLEXHOMES is able to offer financial lease packages to city councils, local government and housing associations for semi-permanent rapid build apartments/homes. The London framework agreement which LIAB FLEXHOMES is part of has identified both lease and purchase options for its provision of rapid build housing.

> We deliver 95% pre finished pods in a factory controlled environment.

> Our pods meet all European CE/SER certifications up to 3.5m wide and up to 15m long.

> Our German factories are ISO 9001 & DIN, certified to ensure best quality.

> Can be stacked up to 11 high before an intermediate podium/deck is required.

>On site plug & play installation.

> We deliver 4D drawings to insure the products quality.

> UV protected walls

> Thermal regulating composite walls and roof

> High acoustic performance

> High standard of finish.

> Comfortable living environment.

> Studio, 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments, detached, semi-detached or terraced housing.

> Preparation and submission of planning applications and/or building regulations.

> Full turn key, choice of finishes both internally and externally.

> High manufacturing tolerances.

> Meets all EU current Building & Fire regulations.

> External cladding - either brick/render or other forms of cladding as appropriate to local planning requirements.

> Mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems.

> We can provide Lifts / stairs / balconies etc. as appropriate.

> More than 60 years design life.

> Turnkey solutions to include all planning, site works, infrastructure, installation and finishing works.

> Delivered over 1800 modules throughout Europe, Asia, Africa & Americas

> All wall, floor and roof panels are manufactured using high specification insulation and timber structural frames within the overall steel frame.

> Internal finishes to walls/ceiling with plasterboard and/or MDF wall panels and all decorated with single color of emulsion paint.

> All kitchens/bathrooms/tiling as all martials we use are CE certified/approved.

> Double/triple glazed uPVC windows/doors as appropriate - (optional alu or alu-clad timber glazing)

> LED/low voltage lighting throughout and extractor fans to bathrooms/kitchens.

> Our local team ensures the Installation on site.

> Smart furniture and fittings.

> Reduced energy costs - U values can be as low as 0.11 W/m2k. Energy saving composite walls.

> Extremely fast construction time days compared to months.

> Our installation team makes sure the houses are constructed to our high standard in our German factories.

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