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Student homes, staff housing, temporary camps - same frame, so many purposes

Introducing LIAB apartment
from LIAB Flexhomes

LIAB FLEXHOMES' concept is a patented modular building system, based on a design principle using used 40 feet high cube standard container modules as structural system. The structure can be configured to meet many different purposes, multi storey, townhouses, cluster houses or individual villas and can be adapted to local challenges such as climate or earthquake issues, all prefabricated in our state of the art factory facility in the UAE.

It is a certainty that with this form of modular building system, the price and construction period is decreased by 30-40% comparing to normal buildings. Building components are prefabricated in supervision of our team of educated building constructors, keeping the standard of quality and pace and reduces the changes of errors as well as the on site construction. The design allows a high quality industrial production in high quantity and distribution using standard shipping container transport, which give us the possibility to deliver your new LIAB FLEXHOME anywhere.

1 bedroom flex condo

LIAB apartments are made in the highest Scandinavian quality and design. All with a fully
equipped kitchen, bathroom, living room and private bedrooms. All units are made of used
ISO steel frame pods fitted together to make a fully sustainable frame around your FLEXHOME.

Now also as Duplex with a beautiful terrace

Beautiful with a purpose

Taking containerhomes to the next level with LIAB FLEXHOMES. One model of the LIAB Flex apartments comes with a beautiful outdoor terrace and a spacious Duplex apartment. This model has everything a family home should have, no compromises have been made, while scoring the records in sustainable, environment friendly living.

The Duplex container home with a outside terrace

The Duplex container home with a outside terrace

Sustainability and highest quality comes standard

So many options to build sustainable housing

The LIAB apartment buildings can be customized to match your every need.

Homes made with used ISO steel frame pods exceeds the requirements

In time of crisis, it be natural or other, LIAB FLEXHOMES are competent. A container is de facto safe in regards of all major elements:
# Strength loads: top, bottom, sides and ends.
# Seismic activity: top, bottom, sides and ends
# Wind: top and side forces
# Fire: sides, top and bottom.

When comparing the Uniform Building Code requirements with the FLEX Module Performance, the FLEX Module Performance exceeds every requirement as a base structural unit.

Container exploded view

The 1 Bedroom LIAB apartment from LIAB Flexhomes

This 1-bedroom condo's framework is build entirely of sustainable materials - a refurbished shipping container forms this highly sustainable home of 30 m2. There is a bedroom, a bathroom with shower and a kitchen/family room - but the container can be fully customized to fit your every need.

The combined, open living room, dining area and kitchen occupies half a container. Each condo is 30 m2.

1 Bedroom LIAB apartment Gallery